Take the hassle out of managing your lists.

Subscribed makes it easy to manage your lists.

How Long does it take to activate my account?
Your account is activated immediately after your payment has been received. We send you an email to confirm your username and password. Enter them in our login panel and you are ready to go!

How do people subscribe to my list?
They can either send an email (even a blank one!) to your account you@subscribed.co.uk or they can enter their details by way of a form on your site. (there are templates already designed for you to cut and paste straight into your site. Or you can use our system to automatically generate a custom form for you.)

Am I able to manually input an email address?
You sure can. In fact you are able to import an entire database of email addresses! You can also export a full list of all clients in your database.

What happens if my customers don't want to receive any more   messages from me?
Every message you send to your customers has a facility for them to unsubscribe. By simply clicking a hyperlink they are removed and they will also receive a confirmation email.

What do you mean by personalise my messages?
You can set your database to automatically include your customers name when sending your messages. So instead of your mail going out with "Dear Sir/Madam", It will go out with "Dear Kate", "Hello John" etc. You can also include their address,telephone number and any other details you wish to capture in your sign-up form.

What do you mean by demographics?
You can split your database into many different segments and target each of them individually. You do this by simply asking certain questions/promts in your sign up form. For example: You could ask them if they wish to receive your messages in html or plain text format. By doing this your database is now split into 2. You can send messages to whichever group you want and of course, you still have the facility to contact your entire list at anytime.

What do you mean by Ad Tracking?
You can set up an unlimited number of tracking Url's that can be placed in your messages. By simply entering a URL, our system generates a unique tracking code that you place in your messages. It then counts the amount of click through's each URL receives. This is an invaluable tool to gauge the response of any promotions, etc you run in your messages.

Can my subscribers reply directly to me from any of my messages?
Yes. Every message you send goes out with your normal reply address (you@yoursite) so they can reply directly to you on any message they receive from your mailer.

What is and why would I want to use "Sign-up Flow Through"?
This lets any signup details a new customer has sent to your list "flow through" the system and be delivered directly to you. (name, address, telephone number and any other custom fields you have inserted into your form.) Perhaps you will be using our system to collect customer details before directing them to a download page. All details will be sent directly to you and of course, the details reside in your database for you to contact them at any given time. Or maybe you just want to know when someone subscribes to your mailing list.

Is there a limit to how many subscribers I can have in my list?
Yes, you are limited to a maximum of 1,500 email addresses. If you outgrow this amount you can upgrade. Please go here for upgrade pricing.

Tell me some of the practical uses for Subscribed
There are a multitude of uses. You are only limited by your own imagination. We have listed some of the more popular ones below.

Downloads (customer enters their details and then redirected to your download page)
Sales (same as above)
Training Modules
Business Opportunities
Price Lists
Product Information
Order Confirmations
Special Offers

Customer Service
Internal Memos
Public Announcements
Extended Guarantees

Do all addresses on my list have to be opt-in?
Yes, most definately. Under NO circumstance will we allow our system to be used for spamming.

What do you mean by spam?
Spam is the sending of urequested email. An in-depth definition can be found here

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